Toddler Camp

Little asian boy playing in the garden.

Alta Vista’s special toddler-sized camp is for children 16 months to 3 years who are currently enrolled in Alta Vista’s infant/toddler program.

Toddler campers continue to follow their familiar daily routine that started during the school year with teachers they already know and love. In addition to their Montessori lessons they enjoy special arts and crafts and outdoor activities. They treasure playground play, water play, taking buggy rides, caring for their garden and picking flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Typical Toddler Summer Themes
Week 1 & 2 – Going to the Beach
Week 3 – America the Beautiful
Week 4 & 5 – Summer Time Picnic
Week 6 & 7 – Cooking with our Garden

Multi-ethnic children (5 years) painting bird houses. Main focus on little boy.

Primary Camp

Primary summer camp is for children 3 to 6 years who are currently enrolled in Alta Vista’s Primary program and in some instances we open it to brand new incoming Primary students.

This is a time of exploration and fun. Montessori principles continue to guide our work in prepared Montessori environments with a distinctive flavor of summer with special themes for in depth focus into exciting new areas of exploration. From Weird & Wonderful Science, to Fun With Sculpting, Planets and Moons to Herb Gardening your child will have a blast!

Summer camp is filled with outdoor adventures, water play and
games where children can develop new skills and interests, make new friends and continue to become more self-confident while building their talents, curiosity and creativity in a familiar environment with teachers they already know and love.

Typical Primary Summer Themes
Week 1 & 2 – Celebrating Mexican Culture
Week 3 – America the Beautiful
Week 4 & 5 – Amphibians and Reptiles
Week 6 & 7 – Birds

Extended Day (1 to 3)

During Extended Day the fun continues with our older children while the younger ones are resting in the nap room. Children have the opportunity to enjoy more outdoors time including nature walks, reading chapter books under the shade of a tree, create fun crafts and art projects and do some light cooking to prepare the afternoon snack for everyone!

All Year Montessori

Our All Year Montessori program includes the summer camp and there is no need to register for summer separately.

Special Summer Activities

 In July our school community proudly participates in our Independence Day Sidewalk Parade followed by a cool treat in our playground. Children from the youngest to the oldest as well as staff and parents come together for this unique 4th of July celebration!

All campers throughout the summer enjoy special visitors such as puppet show, magic show, exotic or farm animals, musical concert, etc. Our Primary campers also venture outside the school enjoying field trips to destinations like the zoo, water park, beach, etc. Parents may also join us on these field trips.

For more detailed information about summer and summer tuition rates, please call our office, 847-918-1621.