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Early Start & Lunch & Play

For School Year students we offer the Early Start (7 to 8:30) and Lunch & Play (11:30 to 1). You may add them to your schedule in the beginning of each school year.

Extra Time

An hourly extra time option is available before and after school with advanced notice. This is for occasional use when something comes up and a little extra time at school is needed.

Childcare Daysav_bv_montessori_proofs_-0034

Childcare is available on some days when Montessori classes are not in session. It is available to School Year students at an additional fee provided there is space open. Childcare Days are included in the All Year Montessori program at no additional fee.

Extracurricular Lessons

Extracurricular lessons are intended to enrich your child’s experience at Alta Vista Montessori School. These lessons are offered before or after school by independent teachers and they are available only to Primary students (3 to 6) at an additional fee paid directly to the teacher teaching the lesson.  A complete list of extracurricular lessons, schedules and fees is made available to parents the first week of the academic year. These lessons are optional and may vary from year to year.