Montessori for Parents

av_bv_montessori_proofs_-0015Our Montessori for Parents program is designed with parents in mind, we look forward to working together with our parents as they travel with their child into an exciting Montessori world!
It is our hope that as parents participate in the various sessions they come away with an enhanced understanding of what their child will be experiencing as she/he moves through the different levels of education our school offers.

We begin each school year with orientation for new families. Orientation meetings are conducted individually for each new family to address their needs in a personal way.  During orientation parents learn how to navigate the particulars of their child’s specific classroom and the school as a whole so they feel comfortable and knowledgeable at our school. Participating in orientation is extremely beneficial for the whole family and it makes the start of school comfortable and pleasant for everyone.

Each year, we hold a Curriculum Night for a general overview of the Montessori curriculum at each level. This gives the parents an opportunity to learn more about the Montessori materials and the kinds of lessons and activities their child will be working on in his/her Montessori classroom.
The Montessori Method is very complex and the more sessions you attend from year to year the better your understanding will be.

Each year we offer a number of parent sessions so parents can learn as much as possible about the Montessori Method and its principles. We schedule 3 or 4 sessions spread from October to February. These sessions include a variety of topics and they are different each year. We usually choose our topics to reflect parents’ most frequently asked questions as well as topics we believe will enhance parents’ experience at Alta Vista.