av_bv_montessori_proofs_-0002Do you have a waiting list? How long is it?

We usually have a wait pool of applicants for our Infant and Toddler classrooms. As children move up into the Primary level, spaces become available. We also have a wait pool of children (3 and 4 years old) to fill any additional Primary spaces once our toddlers have moved up. Applicants are chosen from these wait pools using factors such as whether the child is a sibling, age and gender of the applicant, and whether a Montessori education is the parents’ desired choice. We accept applications up to one year in advance so the waiting could be up to one year, but in general it is shorter.

Do you admit children mid-year?

If there is space available children may be admitted any time between September and March. We do not admit from April to August.

How many children can be in a class?

Our Infant classroom has 6 to 9 children, Toddler 10 to 12 children and Primary classes have 20 -25 children.

What is the teacher-student ratio?

In the Infant program the ratio is 1:3, in the Toddler Community, the ratio is 1:6 and in Primary classes 1:12 during the morning work period and lower in the afternoon when the half-day children have left. Each of our classes, at all levels, is staffed by a Montessori teacher and an assistant teacher. Aides may be added to the room staffing as needed.

Is this a year round program?

We offer both school year and year round programs.

Can my child come 3 or 4 days?

We do offer 3 days per week programs for infants and toddlers only.

Do you have a kindergarten program?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. The Primary level is for children ages 3-6; the last year of Primary is the equivalent to a traditional Kindergarten class. In this last year, in addition to the morning work period, a two-hour work period in the afternoon (1 to 3) is included just for the Kindergarten children. Children are not admitted to start at our school in the Kindergarten year, they must start at least in their pre-K year or younger.

Does Montessori education work well for all children?

In most cases it is a good fit, but each child is different. We do look at each child individually once the child has started and adjusted to the classroom to determine if it is a good fit.

Aren’t Montessori children free to do whatever they want in the classroom? How do you ensure each one gets a fully rounded education?

Montessori children are free to choose within limits, and have only as much freedom as they can handle with appropriate responsibility. The classroom teacher and assistant ensure that children do not interfere with each other, and that each child is progressing at the appropriate pace in all areas of curriculum.

How big is Alta Vista’s student body?

The school serves about 80 students, 6 weeks to 6 years, approximately 75 families.

Are Alta Vista graduates well prepared for traditional schools?

Our Montessori method and curriculum prepare our students for any kind of school, public, traditional or not. When our students complete our Primary program they have learned all the academic skills necessary for first grade or higher. In addition they have developed life skills that can be transferred to any school setting. They love to learn, they are self motivated, self disciplined and confident. These skills allow them to adapt and be successful in any new school.